How to Plan Out Your Website Tool

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How to Plan Out Your Website Tool
This form is a FREE tool provided by Trekker Digital to help you understand and gather the information necessary to design and map your website with your vision in mind. You only need to complete the sections that are relative to your project, however, the more information given, the better the designer can align with your vision.
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PREPLANNING: What goals do you want your website to achieve?
This is based on your own Business Plan
Details their business name, website URL & what makes them stand out.
Please describe the basic overview of your website.
Compile a list of the Words and Short Phrases that you would like your website to rank highly for on Search Engines like Google.
Website Tone
What is the desired Tone of your website?
Copy and paste links to other website styles that your like, in the box above.
Is there any details that you would like to add to this Preplanning section?
SET-UP: Domain & Hosting -
If you don’t have a registered domain name or hosting company, I recommend using: This platform offers a very economical hosting plan with an additional discount when you visit via the link above.
Full Template Website Design ready-to-go OR a Custom Build?
To view the Ready-to-Go templates, please visit:
Copy and Paste the Template Design URL above
OPTIONS: Functions & Plug-Ins:
Detail what functions you would like your website to have?
Custom Logo Design can be tailored to your vision, or there are some great tools that can create a free high-quality Logo. You can read about these here:
If you have a Logo Design, please share it above.
Detail your Favourite Font above. Fonts play a major role in shaping your brand language and website design. Discover the best fonts for websites, where to get them and when to use them:
Choose a website Colour Palette from this very cool colour creator: and then export and save the URL link to the box above.
Pages -
What pages do you want on your website?
Main Menu -
Which of these would you like in the Main Menu of your website?
Is there any other Options Information that has not been asked for above that you would like to Add?
Thinking back to the SET-UP (section above) and your choice of either the: ● Ready-made Fully Designed Website Template and the Template you selected & attached, or ● Custom Build Design; now is when you/we start creating your content. How you would like it to appear upon the pages, along with your images and how you would like everything laid out. If you have a document with your content, and a file for your images, please upload them
If you would like to receive a report detailing the information you have submitted, please complete your email address correctly.